Explosion Hazard of Aromatic Organic Compounds
Containing One or Two Nitrogroups



Georgii D. KOZAK, Alexei Ya. VASIN
and Alexandra V. DYACHKOVA

Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology,
Miusskaya Sq. 9,125190 Moscow, Russia

: Aromatic compounds containing one or two nitrogroups use in chemical
industry commercially, in the first place there are mono- and di- nitroderivatives
of benzene and toluene. Some industrial incidents at heat selfignition of them, and
explosive properties of them were discussed in literature. This investigation deals
with explosion hazard of less investigated in this regard class nitrocompounds
azo-dyes. All azo-dyes contain azo or amino groups, two benzene circles
with substituents. Some of them contain one or two nitrogroups. Nitro- and
azo- groups can give explosion hazard to organic substance. Temperature of fast
decomposition beginning at heating and kinetic parameters of slow decomposition
were experimentally measured for nine of them. The enthalpies of formation
were measured experimentally, and explosion parameters were calculated for
three of them. These results gave an opportunity to calculate the temperatures of
heat explosion on a base of fundamental theory of heat explosion at convection
heat transfer with environment. It was found that calculated temperatures of heat
explosion agreed with experimental temperatures of fast decomposition beginning
at heating, the divergence was 4.5% on average. Thus it was shown that investigated
azo-dyes were the weak explosives, and theory of heat explosion could be quite
applied to them.

Keywords: aromatic, decomposition, heat explosion, azo-dye.

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