Comparison of Lethal Zone Characteristics of Several
Natural Fragmenting Warheads



University of Sarajevo, Mechanical Engineering Faculty

Defense Technologies Department
71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Abstract: Research of HE warheads lethal zone is very complex topic because
of large number of controlled and independent, sometimes correlated, influencing
factors. Capability for prediction of lethal zone is based on complexity of databases
regarding natural fragmentation parameters, which should contain data about
warhead body material characteristics, types of explosive charge, number, mass,
initial velocity and spatial distribution of fragments, battlefield terrain, distribution
of soldiers on battlefield, etc. Based on experimental research (fragmentation test
in Arena facilities with two types of artillery projectiles and two types of rocket
warheads), analytical and numerical methods used - projectiles lethal zones are
predicted and analyzed. Influence of projectile design and explosive charges on
warhead lethal zone is analyzed.

Keywords: HE warhead, lethal zone, Arena test, natural fragmentation.

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