Some Notes on the Fundamentals of E.M. Initiation
Towards a "Universal Sensitivity Characteristic"?



Delft Uni of Technology, TNW, MSP, Kramers Lab. Prins
Bernardlaan 6, 2628 BW, Delft, The Netherlands

Richard BOUMA

TNO Defense, Security and Safety,
PO Box 45, 2280 AA Rijswijk, The Netherlands

Nikolaos ZARZALIS and Max WEISS

University Karlsruhe, Engler-Bunte-Institute,
76131 Karlsruhe, Germany

Abstract:The stimulus needed for initiation of an energetic material is an important
quantity to determine for reliable functioning and safe handling. When considering
the gamma of impact, friction, spark and heating tests in use one runs into the
problem of how to compare results and how to make a prediction for practical
situations that an initiation certainly will happen or definitely can be excluded.
The way forward is not easy. The initiation process, which in order to be successful,
should be followed by sustained propagation, is not simply accessible. This paper
tries to produce a contribution by considering the fundamental aspects and to show
as an example some simulation results of a gas phase initiation model. Some
suggestions are made for making further progress.

Keywords:initiation, chemistry simulation, gas phase ignition