Software Development for the Detonation Product
Analysis of High Energetic Materials - Part I


H. Muthurajan and ANG How Ghee

Energetics Research Institute, Nanyang Technological University,
50 Nanyang Avenue, Singapore 639798

Abstract: The detonation of energetic materials will result in the formation of
decomposition products. These may be carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, carbon,
water, etc. In order to clarify the problems of decomposition products, a software
package is developed to solve the problems of decomposition products using
four different concepts. Although each concept will provide a different answer
for the decomposition products they can be used as a guide and give fairly good
approximations. This paper describes the development of a software package to
estimate the possible decomposition products and the results generated using the
software package LION. An algorithm to compute the detonation products of
energetic materials using four different concepts along with the computation of
oxygen balance, elemental composition, and molecular weight has been developed
and described in this paper. The concept or predicting possible detonation products
is particularly useful as one of the guideline for screening the potential molecules,
when formulating explosives to produce a minimum toxic fumes to reduce the
toxic hazardous to the users.

Keywords: detonation products, explosives, energetic materials, volume
of detonation products, oxygen balance, software

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