A Comparison of Properties of Aluminized Composite
Propellants Containing HMX and FOX-7



Institute of Industrial Organic Chemistry,
6 Annopol St., 03-236 Warsaw, Poland

Abstract: Modern rocket propellants contain inter alia nitroamines (i.e. RDX,
HMX). Therefore, the detonation properties of composite solid propellants are
very important for good functioning of rocket motors and for storage. One of
the new materials of that kind, with low sensitivity, is FOX-7 which was applied
here as one of the components of composite solid propellant. This paper presents
the thermodynamical calculations and thermochemical research results as well
as the results of a study of transition into detonation of an aluminized composite
propellant containing HMX. The said properties were compared with those of
a propellant containing FOX-7.

Keywords: detonation transition, HMX, FOX-7, aluminized composite

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