Investigation of an Aluminized
Binder/AP Composite Propellant Containing FOX-7



Institute of Industrial Organic Chemistry,
6 Annopol St., 03-236 Warsaw, Poland

Abstract: This paper presents the results of thermodynamical calculations
and investigations of the thermochemical and balistic properties of aluminized
composite solid propellants Binder/AP/A1 containing FOX-7. The calculation
was conducted by using ICT-Thermodynamic Code. The heat of combustion
was determined in a stationary bomb calorimeter IKA C 4000. The breakdown
temperatures were taken with the DTA 551 Ex measuring apparatus and the burning
rate was measured in a subscale rocket motor utilizing the ESAM v. 3.3.0 system.
It was revealed that the introduction of FOX -7 into the propellant composition
causes a reduction of the energetic characteristics and the burning rate of the

Keywords: FOX-7, aluminized composite propellant, burning rate

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