Synthesis of Iron Aluminates and a New Modification
of Alumina at Impact of Explosive



Alexey V. APOLENIS, A. N. TSVIGUNOV, V. E. Annikov
and V. M. Raikova

Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology 125047,
Miusskaya Sq. 9, Moscow, Russia

Abstract: Synthesis of new high-strength superdispersed materials by use of
detonation and shock waves is a developing branch of manufacture. Diamond,
metal oxides, nitrides, and many other substances are produced and find industrial
The objective of current work was the method of synthesis of iron aluminates
and a new modification of alumina. For the synthesis initiation of explosion of
aluminized composite explosive by impact was firstly used.

Keywords: alumina oxides, iron aluminates, synthesis, explosive, impact

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