Fluorescence Analysis as an Effective Method Used
in Micro/Trace Explosive Detection


Yong LIU, Yuan-jie SHU , Xue-yong LIU, Ying XIONG , Fa-chun ZHONG and Yi SUN
Graduate School of CAEP, Mianyang 621900, China
Institute of Chemical Materials, CAEP,
Mianyang 621900, China
School of Materials Science and Engineering, Southwest
University of Science and Technology, Mianyuan 621010, China

Abstract: There are many kinds of explosives, and their detection methods vary.
Nitroaromatic compound is one of the composition of the explosives commonly
used. The fuorescence will be quenched when they touch the fuorescent conjugated
polymers. General methods for explosives detection have been summarized in
this paper, in addition the application of novel fuorescence analysis technique
in explosives detection has been introduced. Fluorescent conjugated polymer as
chemical sensing material for explosive detection has been reviewed in detail,
also a novel fuorescent sensing flm self-assembled by fuorescent small molecule
pyrene and homogeneous fuoroimmunoassay have been presented briefy. The
development of fuorescence analysis used in the area of determining explosives
has been prospected.

Keywords: micro/trace explosive detection, fluorescence analysis,
conjugated polymer, sensing materials