Detonability of Ammonium Nitrate and Mixtures
on Its Base


Vyacheslav KUZMIN, Georgii KOZAK and Denis MIKHEEV

The Forensic Science Center of Ministry of Internal Affairs, Russia
Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology,
9 Miusskaya Square, Moscow 125190, Russia

Abstract: Quantities of improvised explosive devices on a base of industrial
explosives that were applied at criminal incidents or were withdrawn from illegal
circulation were reduced on average on 9% during last decade. This tendency is
explained in particular by toughening of control under circulation of commercial
explosive devices. The most commonly used improvised explosives according
to returns of The Forensic Science Center of Ministry of Internal Affairs are
mixtures on a base of ammonium nitrate with organic fuels and aluminum powder.
Quantitative and qualitative compositions of such improvised mixtures can be
various. The most essential question for a criminal case investigator is argument that
excepted substance is explosive one. In this connection detonability of the mixtures
on base fne (particle size was near 20 microns) and granulated ammonium nitrate
with some organic fuels and aluminum powder was experimentally investigated.
Failure detonation diameters of systems were measured experimentally.

Keywords: improvised explosive, ammonium nitrate, detonability, failure
detonation diameter