A Novel Method for Testing Propellant Stabilizers


Jan BŁĄDEK , Stanisław CUDZIŁO and Sylwia PIETRZYK
Military University of Technology, Institute of Chemistry,
2 Kaliskiego St., 00-908 Warsaw, Poland

Stephan WILKER

WIWEB ASt Heimerzheim, Großes Cent, 53913 Swisttal, Germany

In many laboratories, investigations aimed at replacing diphenylamine
(DPA, propellant stabilizer) with other, less harmful substances are being
carried out. For instance, good effects have been obtained in experiments with
triphenylamine (TPA), which cannot produce – due to its structure – carcinogenic
nitroso derivatives. In this work, a new, cheap and fast method for testing stabilizing
properties of propellant stabilizers that have been used or being developed is
presented. It consists in dispersing a stabilizer within silica gel followed by the
measurement of the stabilizer transformation kinetics during its nitration with
nitrogen oxides. The method combined with thin layer chromatography (TLC)
provides a fast evaluation of stabilizing effectiveness.

Keywords: propellant stability, TPA, DPA, C-I, TLC analysis