Probit Analysis – a Promising Tool for Evaluation
of Explosive’s Sensitivity



Institute of Energetic Materials, Faculty of Chemical Technology,
University of Pardubice, 532 10 Pardubice, Czech Republic

Abstract: The sensitivity of explosives to various initiating events, in probability
of initiation-level of stimulus space, has a shape of sigmoidal curve. In standard
sensitivity tests only one point on this curve is sought, most often the 50% initiation
probability level. The usual (and most often used) method for its determination
is the up-and-down method. The whole sensitivity curve can be obtained by
conducting large number of trials at all levels or more effectively by probit analysis.
The usage of probit analysis, improvement of the precision of the results and
comparison with the results precision of the up-and-down method is demonstrated
by the example of determination of sensitivity to friction.

Keywords: probit analysis, sensitivity, sensitiveness, friction, impact