Calculation of Combustion, Explosion and Detonation
Characteristics of Energetic Materials


Sebastian GRYS and Waldemar A. TRZCIŃSK
Military University of Technology,
2 Gen. S. Kaliskiego St., 00-908 Warsaw, Poland

Abstract: In this work, the thermodynamic code for the determination of the
chemical equilibrium composition of a non-ideal heterogeneous system is
presented. Computation of combustion, explosion and detonation parameters for
some explosives is performed as well as isentropes of products expansion and
detonation energy are estimated. Moreover, the non-equilibrium calculations are
carried out, in which chemical inertness of one from the components of explosive
composition as well as no heat exchange between the component and the detonation
products are assumed. At the end, some calculated detonation characteristics are
compared with the experimental ones.

Keywords: thermochemical codes, energetic materials, combustion,
explosion, detonation